Youth Climate Action Summit

Tuesday, November 12, 2024
Kingston Frontenac Public Library
Kingston ON
Register in September, 2024

Youth Action Climate Summit

Youth Climate Action Summit

Tired of hearing about climate change? Ready to do something about it?
Welcome to the Youth Climate Action Summit – For Youth, By Youth!

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Connect, Discover, Create

Discover climate change facts from the experts. Explore climate action in hands-on workshops (you choose which ones are most interesting to you). Work to build a Climate Action Plan for your school or community. Share your successes and challenges with the YCAS community.

What is the Youth Climate Action Summit?


Meet like-minded youth from secondary schools, community groups and homeschools from across eastern Ontario – and beyond!
Map of November 2022 Attendees
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Learn about climate change and climate action during the keynote address.

Choose 2 interactive workshops that interest you. 


Learn how to turn ideas into action! 

1) Identify the Issues – Register by Oct. 16, 2023 and join us online as we collaborate to explore environmental concerns in our communities. There will be new postings every week!

2) Choose a Topic – Join us in-person at the Summit on Nov. 14, 2023. Work with your team to decide which issue to tackle in 2023!

3) Create a Plan! – At the Summit, we’ll cover how to turn an idea into a plan that you can put into action! Our online space will have extra resources and the wisdom of the YCAS community available.

4) Put the Plan into Action! – If you need to adapt your Climate Action Plan, do it!

5) Share! – The YCAS community loves to hear everything about Climate Action Plans – your successes, your challenges, and your adaptations! If you have a CAP that you want to share – let us know! 

Interested in Volunteering?

YCAS is run BY youth FOR youth. Interested in volunteering (and racking up some volunteer hours)?

Support the Youth Climate Action Summit!

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Thank you 2023 Sponsors

Show your support for youth and the environment as a sponsor of the next Youth Climate Action Summit. Download our Sponsorship Package for more information.
Wild Centre Youth Program

Wild Center & The Youth Climate Summit

This Youth Climate Summit is based on a model started by The Wild Center’s Youth Climate Program. The Wild Center’s Youth Climate Program works globally to convene and empower young people to implement climate action plans in their schools and communities through Youth Climate Summits.

For more information on The Wild Center’s Youth Climate Program, visit