Charter of Sustainability

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do! As a UNESCO Biosphere Region, we strive to bring community partners together to address one of the most complex issues we face today: How do we protect natural systems while meeting the needs of growing communities?

FAB Sustainability Pledge

Through FAB Experiences, we support local tourism businesses in becoming more sustainable through a series of training webinars and modules. 

When you see this symbol on shops, accommodations and restaurants throughout the region, you know that they are taking steps to operate a more environmentally-friendly business.

View a copy of our Sustainability Pledge here.
FAB Sustainability Pledge

Our Sustainability Code

With the support of the National Geographic Society and the Destination Stewardship Center, we developed the FAB Sustainable Tourism Code of Good Practice – our Charter of Sustainability. Businesses participating in FAB Experiences have made a commitment to the principals laid out in the Charter of Sustainability. When you support these businesses you’re supporting local and ethical business!

What We Promise

The Sustainable Tourism Code, posted online and in the place of business and signed by the participating company or organization; a local Sustainable Tourism Stewardship Council (STSC) should help to promote all businesses participating in the program.

What Actions Are We Taking

A Matching statement, posted online and in the place of business of the organization’s actions and policies in support of each of the first 8 principles of the Code.

Tell Us How We Are Doing

In keeping with the 9th principle, a place online for public comments on the efficacy of the stated actions and policies, preferably hosted by the STSC to ensure neutrality and credibility.

Viewpoints on the Concept of Sustainability

There are many different viewpoints of the concept of sustainability that vary  culturally and socially worldwide. At its most basic, sustainability is the “capacity to be continued at a certain level or functioning.”

In the context of the UN Sustainability Goals, this applies to environmental, social and economic sustainability, and the processes and actions through which we can avoid depletion of natural resources, promote human well-being and ensure the quality of life of current and future generations increases.

The concept of sustainability has existed within cultures for centuries. Indigenous people have used these lands to secure resources with the knowledge that resources should not be used beyond the ability of future generations to also use them. The concept can be seen in the Seventh Generation principle in Haundensaunee knowledge which emphasizes that the decisions we make today should result in a sustainable world seven generations into the future.

17 sustainability goals

How can you live more sustainably?

Get outside and connect with nature!

Through hands-on experiences in nature, you build deeper connections with the environment. This connection naturally leads to making choices with the environment in mind.

Make small changes in your day-to-day

Small actions such as reducing waste, buying locally grown produce or increasing the energy efficiency of your home can have huge impacts! This not only protects valuable resources and prevents damage to the environment, but can also save you money!

Lead the Way!

Be the change you want to see. When you spread your knowledge and passion for protecting our environment, you help your whole community become more sustainable.